Pilla and ZEISS manufacture lenses for different scenarios. Lighting conditions, target color, and backgrounds dictate what a lens needs to do. If you are looking for a lens to work in all conditions you are clearly making a sacrifice in visual aptitude. All of the new Chromashift lenses are coated with exclusive premium ZEISS Chromashift coatings that reduce glare and tune these special filters. Each family of lenses we create has a targeted colour enhancing profile with exclusive ZEISS technology only found in Pilla products. Browse to learn more about the lens families and the individual lens filtrations.

  • Solid filtrations
  • The number indicates how much light is let in. 10CED is 10% light being let in = dark lens
  • Anti Glare coating
  • Color boost
CED - Brown, Enhanced Definition to manage light.
CRHC - Red High Contrast. Neutralize green backgrounds and boost color.
CN - Green Background Neutralizer. Subtle lens that boosts target color.
CMX - Max Orange Lens. Max boost in orange.
CR - Pure Red Lens. Very useful for those with colour blind issues.
DC - Dead Center. Developed in archery. Very useful for those with color blind issues.
CHCW - High Contrast. Very good against gray clouds.
CB - Banana. Clever lens that appears lighter than it is.
HC - High Contrast.
HCL - High Contrast Lime. 



Most of our current line of lenses have the Chromashift technology integrated into the lens and paired with other filtrations sciences. Chromashift is a lens technology where we manipulate the visual representation of color to produce a more intense color profile and "Shift" the actual color of the intended target. This is a technology where we use special color dyes to produce faster registration of specific bands of color. Further Chromashift has the ability to change the way the eye sees color. The basic technical benefit is the manipulation of color for positive visual registration, allowing athletes to enjoy a very specific technical benefit of color shift for a competitive advantage.


Enhanced Definition lenses are a special filtration science where our engineers have enhanced the complete color spectrum to create a "balanced" color profile. The goal of the lens technology is to provide the athlete with crystal clear definition. The use of a universal color lift gives the eye a balance of color saturation to produce high resolution imaging. This combination of color resolution and color saturation gives the athlete an enhanced definition of the sight picture. "Everything you see is more vivid." For the athlete looking for an intense color profile with a natural reproduction of the visual environment this is a perfect series of lenses.


High Contrast Lenses utilize an accelerated filtration curve that produces a high level of saturation to provide definition to the edges of the intended target. We enhance the highs and the lows of color resolution. The ability of the lens to specify pieces of the visual light spectrum provides the High Contrast series of lenses a unique visual representation of color where darks are more amplified while enhancing the light elements of the sight picture at the same time. This dual nature of darker being darker and lighter being brighter gives the image a high contrast registration. This lens family provides exceptional depth of field for target shooting.


Max Orange is a lens family that is engineered to provide the athlete with up to 600% more boost in the Orange part of the visual spectrum. This is key for clay target shooters looking for maximum registration of target Orange. This lens family concentrates on a specific piece of the visual spectrum and accelerates the eyes registration of Orange. This gives an athlete the ability to acquire the target quickly and accurately while maintaining depth of field.


Pilla Zeiss "N" lenses harness a lens science which compresses color while allowing parts of the visual spectrum to be seen with vivid detail. The "N" family of lenses is engineered to "De-tune" green. This family of lenses is perfect for athletes needing to negotiate visual registration against green backgrounds.


This technology delivers a very vibrant color enhancement technology with new color pigments and coating science. While the lenses produce rich color enhancement, the coating technology produces a precise level of color lift and target registration for optimal performance. We have taken some of our top lens filters from the last 10 years and have introduced IR to these platforms. The result is a next level performance producing extremely crisp sight pictures. This new collection delivers light transmittance levels from full sun to low light.




 Indirect Sun


 Partly Cloudy


  Mostly Cloudy


  Background Neutralizer



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